Best Blackjack Online Casinos in Australia in 2022

You will find hundreds of on line casinos in Australia that allow you to play on the web blackjack, but without registering it’s difficult to share with if they’re a bit of good. Here at AutoArenda we’ve tried-and-tested the most effective casinos in Australia to find the very best for on the web blackjack. Our extensive evaluation permits us to guarantee that most of the blackjack online casinos featured on our list offer a fantastic selection of blackjack games, while also being 100% safe and sound.

Scroll through our set of blackjack on the web casinos today to play at Australian casinos you can trust. To learn more on how best to play, how to win a real income, and the types of blackjack games available for you to play. We answer most of the most regularly asked questions regarding on the web blackjack below.

What is Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is a digitized version of the actual game with identical rules. Utilizing a state-of-the-art algorithm that deals cards randomly, online casinos can perfectly emulate the actual game and bring it to the security of your home.

By enrolling in any of our Australian blackjack casinos, you can try your hand on a variety of exceptional blackjack games, from classics such as for instance European Blackjack to innovative, modern types of Blackjack, such as those available in Live Casinos! All you have to do is a desktop or mobile device and you’re ready to go.

The History of Blackjack


The earliest mention of a blackjack-like card game is found in Miguel De Cervantes’ famous assortment of novellas entitled Novelas Ejemplares, published all the way in 1613. There are rumors that earlier versions of the game were played by the Romans, who substituted cards with wooden blocks, though evidence with this is sparse.


Research suggests that a version of blackjack started in France around 1700. Known in the past as “Vingt-et-Un, ” which means 21 in French, this game became very popular, with records suggesting that it had been even played at the French Royal Court throughout the reign of Louis XV.


The first publication of official rules for ‘Vingt-Un’ appeared in Britain in 1800. These rules were then reprinted in the USA in 1825, however, many sources claim that the Americans were quick to build up their own variant of the overall game – called Blackjack – since 1899.


There is an important rise in the popularity of Blackjack in the USA in the 1930s after Nevada legalized gambling and Vegas began to become called your home of gambling. To boost the game’s popularity, casinos would offer an incentive to play, namely: if you get a hand with either of the black Jacks (spades or clubs) and an ace of spades, you would get a payout of 10: –


By the 1950’s blackjack had caught the interest of the academic world. Books such as for example Playing Blackjack to Win by Baldwin, Cantey, McDermott and Maisel (1957), and Beat the Dealer by Edward O’Thorp (1962) are credited for developing systems that we now know as ‘card counting’.


Blackjack goes online, bringing one of the world’s most popular casino games to the net. Taking advantage of the game’s popularity, software providers began to innovate, creating variants such as for instance Blackjack Switch, Double Exposure Blackjack and 21 Duel. In 1996, Blackjack became the first casino game to feature at a Live Casino!

The Rules of Online Blackjack

Blackjack is also known as ’21’ since the premise of the game is that the player has to get closer to the quantity ’21’ than the dealer. To be able to win, you ‘must’ have several that exceeds the worthiness of the dealer’s cards, without going bust (i. e. over 21). You will initially receive two cards, but you may possibly ‘hit’ and receive as many as possible until you go ‘bust’. In the event that you review 21, you will eventually lose automatically.

The principles could be different depending on the type of blackjack variant you play. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of online blackjack games.

Types of Real Money Online Blackjack Games in Australia

The principles of blackjack vary according to your local area, or the sort of online blackjack game you play.

We’ll go over the primary varieties of online blackjack available in Australia, with facts such as for example their odds, additional rules, and the very best casinos for every variant:

Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack with the surrender rule in place reduces the house-edge by 0. 07-0. 09%. This rule allows you to ‘surrender’ your hand when you first receive it, and pays to if you’re dealt a bad hand initially. The ones that choose to surrender will receive half of their hand back.

7Bit Casinocsl flag au
Play on Blackjack Surrender at 7Bit Casino!

Blackjack Switch

Probably one of the most modern variants of blackjack, Blackjack Switch is dependant on the premise that all player receives two hands Atlanta divorce attorneys round, with the chance to ‘switch’ cards from hand to a different. As well as this, if a dealer gets a difficult 22 it is considered a tie.

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Play on Blackjack Switch at King Billy Casino!

Live Blackjack

The only significant difference with Live Blackjack is that the game is presided over with a live dealer in a studio. This more closely resembles blackjack in a land-based setting, with players able to play with other, real-life players. Live Blackjack may be played in several of the other blackjack variants right here.

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Don’t miss out on KingJohnnie Casino’s fantastic Live Blackjack games!

Atlantic City Blackjack

Players love Atlantic City Blackjack because of its fantastic odds. The house-edge is as little as 0. 36% when played well. This variant uses 8 decks and allows players to ‘surrender’ their initial hand if this indicates unfavourable. The dealer even offers to stand on any hand between your value of 17-21.

Kings Chance Casinocsl flag au
Play on Atlantic City Blackjack at Kings Chance Casino today!

European Blackjack

European blackjack might have a slightly higher house-edge than Atlantic City Blackjack (with the former coming to 0. 62% in contrast to 0. 36% respectively), but it is still one of the most popular variants. When playing European Blackjack you are able to double down after having a ‘split’.

PlayAmo Casinocsl flag au
You can find a selection of top European Blackjack games at PlayAmo Casino!

Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack is yet another old-fashioned version of blackjack except that you get an extra betting option. If you also place yet another bet on the Perfect Pairs option, you are wagering on the chance of the first two cards being truly a pair. You will win when you get yourself a Perfect Pair (same value, same suit), a Coloured Pair (same value, same color, different suit), or a Mixed Pair (same value, different color).

Top 10 Terms You Need to Know for Online Blackjack

If you should be not used to playing blackjack on the web, you will take advantage of understanding the next 10 basic terms:

TermWhat does it mean?
StickIf you’re happy with your hand, you can choose to ‘stick’. Your overall hand will be utilized to ascertain if you win.
HitAfter being dealt your first two cards, you can opt to ‘hit’ if you think you will get a more advantageous hand with an extra card.
SplitIf your first two cards are of identical value (i. e. two Aces) you can ‘split’ your hand in to two split up hands. You’ll then essentially be playing twice in the same round.
DoubleIf you feel that your first two cards are strong, you are able to ‘double’ the worth of your bet. You may then receive a mandatory extra card.
BlackjackIf your first two cards are an Ace and any card with the worth of 10, you have Blackjack. Here is the most useful hand you may get in blackjack.
Even MoneyWhen you have blackjack and the dealer’s holding an Ace, you can require ‘even money’. In this instance you’ll be paid out 1: 1 .
First Base‘First Base’ identifies the first player for their cards. That is always the first player to the left of the dealer.
Hole CardThe dealer’s card left face-down is considered the ‘Hole Card’. Once all players decided on the hand, the hole card is unmasked by the dealer.
SurrenderIf you don’t possess a good hand and also you expect to lose, you can call ‘surrender’ to get half of your bet.
UpcardThe ‘upcard’ refers to the dealer’s card that is visible to all players.

How to Play Blackjack Online for Free

Are you looking to play on line blackjack at no cost? If therefore you’ll be happy to realize that you are able to in multiple ways. Listed below are your choices:

  1. No deposit bonuses – If you want to win real money on blackjack for free, this is the way you do it. This sort of free bonus is offered to brand new players. Once you register your details with the casino, you will be able to wager bonus credits on blackjack and withdraw your winnings, providing you with fulfilling the stipulations of your bonus.
  2. Demo Play – In the event that you just want to hone your skills or explore different types of blackjack games, you’ll love the demo-play option. You may not have the ability to win a real income by playing in demo-mode, but you can practice to be able to win a real income afterwards! Don’t lose out on the numerous blackjack games for sale in demo mode created by Australia’s top software providers for blackjack.

Real Money Blackjack vs Free Online Blackjack

There are numerous benefits to playing on the web blackjack for free. But how does it compare to real money blackjack? Do you get the same experience, or does one come out at the top?

Find out below:

Real Money BlackjackFree-Play Blackjack


You are able to claim a bonus to boost your online blackjack funds when you make a deposit.


Hone your skills and practice implementing our expert blackjack strategies before you wager your own funds.


You can try out every different type of blackjack, including live dealer blackjack, with a real live dealer and other players.


You can play instantly without downloading any software.


The ability of playing for a real income cannot be matched. If you like the authentic experience, making a deposit is where you’ll find it.


Discover new blackjack variants in order to find your favorite by taking it for a risk-free trial.


Often there is a danger of taking a loss when you play at an online casino. Despite blackjack having great odds, you can still lose money.


Not all blackjack games are available to play in free-play mode.


You will need to sign up to an Australian blackjack casino. This, however, only takes a few minutes of your time.


You cannot claim a bonus or win money in free-play mode.

Try Out Blackjack for Free – Play Right Here!

If you want to try one of the very best free blackjack games you certainly can do so the following.

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Classic Blackjack


Playing Online Blackjack with a Bonus

Do you wish to play on line blackjack with a bonus? Well you can, but there are many things you need to know. Many bonuses permit you to play on blackjack. Nevertheless , on the web casinos will probably lower the ‘game contribution’ of blackjack – just what exactly does this mean?

‘Game contribution’ identifies the total amount your winnings will contribute towards the wagering requirements of your bonus. For instance, pokies will generally contribute 100% to the wagering requirements, and therefore whatever you win goes towards fulfilling this term and condition. However, blackjack may only contribute around 5%.

Let’s use an example to illustrate:

Woo Casino Example

100% up to 150 AUD + 150 free spins on Wolf Gold

When you claim the existing deposit bonus made available from Woo Casino, they’ll match your deposit by 100% up to 150 AUD and they’re going to offer you 150 free spins on the pokie Wolf Gold. This bonus enables you to play on blackjack using your bonus credits.

Nevertheless , the conditions and terms stipulate that only 5% of your winnings on blackjack contribute to the wagering requirements. When comparing this with pokies (which contribute 100%), it indicates that you will need certainly to win 20x as much on blackjack to fulfill your wagering requirements than you’d on the eligible pokies.

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Make a deposit at Woo Casino today to receive up to 150 AUD in bonus credits and 150 free spins!

6 Expert Tips & Tricks for Online Blackjack

Blackjack is an easy game to learn, but one that may take a little bit of time to truly master. Because blackjack is a game of skill, the more you practice and the better you get, the more you can improve your likelihood of winning.

Fast-track to being a blackjack master by learning the following expert tips and tricks:

  • Always split a pair of Aces. This increases your chances of winning.
  • Always stand if your hand is a hard 17-21 (with no Aces included).
  • Always stand if your hand is a soft 19-21 (with Aces included).
  • Always hit if your hand has a value less than or equal to 11.
  • A ‘natural blackjack’ beats any hand, even those of the same numerical value. Natural blackjack is any card with a value of 10 an Ace.
  • Make use of blackjack strategy cards (which we will look at below) and odds calculators.

Live Dealer Blackjack at Online Casinos

Maybe you have ever wondered what it might prefer to play blackjack at a live casino? The most notable software provider for live blackjack in Australia is Evolution Gaming.

Read the following video to obtain a feeling for what it’s like playing on the web blackjack at a live casino:

How we Find a Safe and Secure Online Casino for Blackjack

Instead of going from casino to casino searching for the very best on the web blackjack casinos in Australia, we do all the work for you personally and more. Our industry professionals have over twenty years of experience and know just what it means for a casino to be the very best.

Listed here is how we evaluate casinos to determine if they’re sufficient for our list:



At AutoArenda we only feature casinos that can be licensed with a reputable gambling authority. Licenses help make sure that the casino is highly regulated, meaning that it abides by the strict marketing, security and safety measures imposed on casinos within the jurisdiction. These measures have now been set up to make certain that players are protected from unethical online casinos.


Security Software

With security and safety as our number 1 priority, we pay special awareness of the security software employed by any particular online casino. The utilization of the latest SSL Data Encryption technology is crucial. This technology is employed by all major high street banks to scramble a client’s personal statistics, keeping it out of reach from cyber-criminals.


Online Reputation

Before we consent to feature an online casino, we check online casino forums to see if indeed they have any outstanding, legitimate complaints. Casinos with a bad overall reputation (that have inked nothing to rectify legitimate complaints) won’t be featured on our list.


Games Catalogue

While hosting blackjack games does not make an on the web casino any safer than non-blackjack casinos, it’s still required for us in an attempt to test the blackjack games available. We search for casinos that host blackjack games from Australia’s top software providers, allowing us to guarantee that the casino offers an exceptional service.


Fair Bonuses

The fairness of a casino’s bonuses helps to indicate whether a casino is likely to be fraudulent. We try to test every casino bonus offered at an online casino before we agree to feature it. This can help to make sure that the conditions and terms of the bonus are fair and in a position to be fulfilled.


Banking Methods

We expect all online casinos to provide players almost access immediately with their money. While we realize that withdrawals might take between 2-7 days to process (for safety reasons), we think that deposits ought to be processed immediately. To carry out this, the web casino must give you a variety of popular banking methods that are widely accessible and easy to use.