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If you have ever wanted to really flex the human brain muscles and show the sort of big, wrinkly brain you have you then will have to join Yoju Casino and start to become a Drue Tedective! We all know that you could really prove yourself with this promotion!

While conventional rewards like Free spins from top Aussie online casinos are amazing, we love promotions which are out from the box! With this battle of the wits, you need to visit various sites and find the hidden letters by scanning through the text… okay, maybe it’s much less hard as an Indiana Jones puzzle but it’s still not as easy as clicking one button on a computer screen – which can be all I could do. Well, additionally, you will need know which pages may have these hidden words and how many so you don’t have to scan through 1000s of words on each of Yoju’s pages, and that information I’ve. Well, I guess you could just go directly to the source… no, don’t go! Not yet, at least. Let me make it clear about any of it promotion before going running off.

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Drue Tedective

There’s nothing that can match a tiny scavenger hunt to get the blood pumping and also to active your brain a bit. Even still, it’s also nice never to have to work way too hard for your rewards. Well, this promotion does a fantastic job at combining the two! It doesn’t require a lot of brain power to be able to figure out the clear answer for this puzzle but at precisely the same time, at least it’s different things! You don’t just have to click a couple of buttons – you’re able to feel like you truly earned your prize by completing the puzzle.

Once you get the code by searching through the written text of some of Yoju’s pages, you’ll be able to reward yourself with some free spins, curtsey of them. All things considered, you really earned them this time! Oh, and don’t forget, if you see something you want in your trip around Yoju’s site, feel liberated to right back track to any of their pages and make use of any of the other offers they’ve for you. These ones will most likely not make you run around, trying to find words… probably… but who knows? Maybe they want to make you work even harder for your next reward!

How You Can Enter

Therefore , to ensure that you to really be able to join the look for the key words to make your code, you will first have to create a merchant account with Yoju Casino. Without an account, where are you going to put the code and where are your free spins likely to go?

Once you’re actually create with a free account then you definitely should visit various pages on the site. If you want easy links to each then you definitely must go right to the site this promotion is on, otherwise, I’ll just tell you how to locate them.

You can find the secret words on the following pages:

  1. You will be able to locate three of the trick words if you visit their Welcome Package page (you also can get yourself this package while you’re at it – in the event that you haven’t already)
  2. The next page you will need to visit is their Stipulations page. Here you need to find two more of those secret words
  3. In order to get two more of these hidden words, you will need to visit their payments page
  4. The next page will simply have one word, but that doesn’t imply that it’s unimportant. Especially because this is actually the page to purchase a lot more of their delectable deals! That’s right; it’s their promotional page!
  5. And finally, to get those last three words to be able to finally put all the puzzle pieces together, you will have to head to their responsible gambling page
  6. Now that you have most of the secret words, you need to combine the first letter of each word to get the trick code! Now, with this you are so close to getting some free spins
  7. To finally get the fruits of your labour, you will need to text this code to the live chat to be able to activate your bonus. You can now feel absolve to use those free spins to get yourself some wins
  8. And, hey, in the event that you see something you like in your grand tour of Yoju, don’t be afraid to return and check them out even more!

terms and conditions

How Many Times Can A Person Claim this BonusPlayers will not be able to use this code more than once
Wagering RequirementThis promotion will come with a wager of 40x
Max Cash OutPlayers will each have a maximum cash-out of $50 for every set