Play the Best Free and Real Money Sic Bo in 2023

Sic Bo is one particular games that you will find at almost every online casino that accepts Australian players. It is a well known game of chance that has been around since a large number of years in China. The name Sic Bo literally means ‘two bricks’, which was later modified to be understood as ‘dice pair’. It is because the game originally involved players tossing bricks that had numbers etched on the sides. The language ‘two’ and ‘pair’ indicate that the game was possibly played initially with 2 dice. Sooner or later over time things changed and three dice were used rather than two.

Nowadays, you play it with three dice that you roll and place bets on the outcome. This really is a casino game of chance as you can’t predict the outcome of a dice roll, but basic strategy is available to assist you to minimise the chances of losing usually. The overall game might look intimidating to a brand new player given the array of betting options available but once you play it you know it is simple and lots of fun. Other names that Sic Bo is known by include Dai Siu or Tai Sai, which means ‘Big Small’.


Best Online Sic Bo Casinos for Australian Players

You can play Sic Bo at most of the internet casinos accepting Australian players. In this section we’ve compiled for you personally a summary of the most notable online Sic Bo casinos for Australian players. Each one of these casinos have been tested meticulously and vetted by all of us of experts for all features that you look for in a good casino, including safety and reliability, fair play, range of payment techniques available and support.

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Playing Sic Bo for Free

Sic Bo has a large number of betting options and an original table layout, among other items. One of the best means of familiarizing oneself with the overall game is to practice the game without spending cash and opting for the free practice play mode.

All the casinos that individuals have listed for you provide game in free practice play mode. You can play provided you want in this mode. Once you understand the game you will get right down to playing for real money.


Brief History of Sic Bo

While Sic Bo has been around for a long time, the overall game moved to america some time in the 19th century when Chinese immigrants moved compared to that country for the construction of the transcontinental railroad. The overall game in those days was played exclusively in the labour camps by the Chinese labourers that inhabited them. The game caught the attention of other folks and players some time in the first 20th century, possibly between the 1920s and the 1940s.

The overall game caught the fancy of the Americans and it came into existence known by different names, including Chuck-a-Luck and Birdcage. Additionally, it moved to great britain, where it was merged with a preexisting game of chance called Hazard and came into existence called Grand Hazard. Even with these modifications the initial game survived. It became popular across the world and especially in Macau, that was in those days a Portuguese colony.

In 1970 Stanley Ho opened the Hotel Lisboa Casino in Macau, making it possible to find Sic Bo right next to the roulette tables. The success of Sic Bo in Macau meant it found its way to Nevada and Reno, initially in the back rooms and by the 1990s however gambling areas. The arrival of the internet casino made Sic Bo hugely popular, with players from around the world to be able to play the game from their domiciles for real cash and also in free play mode.


Understanding the Sic Bo Table Layout

sic bo table game

Sic Bo table layout might appear quite intimidating when you first view it. You will find just too many graphics and symbols – including Chinese ones especially at the tables in land-based casinos – to take at first glance. Once you spend some time going right on through the table contents, but you will find it is all quite simple.

The next is an explanation of different sections of a standard Sic Bo table that you will find at the top Australian online casinos that people have listed here.

sic bo bottom row

The underside row includes a set of single digit numbers. This row is employed for placing single number bets, i. e. bets on the likelihood of the dice roll producing a single number output. The text below the numbers listed provides information regarding the payouts for the amount of times a number hits.

sic bo middle row

Just over the bottom row is the middle area with two distinctly marked out areas forming the top and underneath percentage of that section. The bottom the main middle area has pictures that resemble dominoes. In this section most of the possible combinations possible with 2 dice are laid out for the player to see and bet on.

sic bo upper middle

In the upper half of the center area will be the numbers 4 to 17. These numbers represent the total values that you can place bets on while playing. The chances from the payouts differ from one number to some other; it is because the chances of some numbers landing is significantly more than that of others.

sic bo top row

And finally we come to the very best part of the dining table. This portion has a large amount of pictures and information and may be really perplexing for a new player. Nevertheless , in the event that you observe this portion of the dining table vigilantly you will see that it is quite symmetrically laid out:

  • At the left corner are the small bets.
  • At the right corner are the big bets.
  • The panels just next to the left and right corners are for specific double bets that you can place – 1, 2 and 3 on the left and 4, five and 6 on the proper.
  • The section just next to it is where you are able to place specific triple bets. These generally include 1-1-1, 2-2-2 and 3-3-3 on the left and 4-4-4, 5-5-5 and 6-6-6 on the right.
  • At the centre of the entire panel is the section where you could place bets on any triple.


How to Play Sic Bo at Your Favourite Australia Online Casino

Playing Sic Bo at your favourite on line casino is easy. The essential steps would be the just like for just about any on the web casino game:

  1. Open a merchant account with the casino by clicking the Register or Sign Up button and providing all of your details that the casino asks for in the proper execution provided.
  2. Click Submit to complete the registration process.
  3. Open your e-mail to see the mail that the casino has sent you. This mail could have a link that you must click to validate and lastly open your account.

Once your account is open join utilizing your casino credentials. Click on the Games tab for all of the the games and select Sic Bo. The overall game will open in a brand new screen; in certain casinos it opens on the same screen, however.

  1. Place your wagers before rolling the dice. The Sic Bo dining table layout has specific places where you can click to position your wagers. You are able to pick from different bet types available. You get from 1 to at least one payouts to payouts that pay as high as 150 to 1 if not 180 to at least one. Make sure that the wagers you have placed are within the minimum and maximum permissible limits.
  2. Once you have placed your wagers hit the appropriate button to roll the dice. This is quite different from just how it is done in a land-based casino: there the dealer calls out ‘no more bets’ after which rolls the dice using an electronically operated cage.
  3. Once the dice roll is finished the numbers on the faces of the die are shown and the winnings are paid out in line with the bets placed. The table is then cleared and also you are ready for the next game.

Playing at an online casino is fairly different from playing at a land-based casino. The possible lack of a human dealer eliminates hugely from the entire experience at an on the web casino. The game is played between you and the dealer, unlike at a land-based casino where other players could be involved as well. The bridging has been finished with the emergence of Live Dealer Sic Bo, a game that you find to be had with a few live dealer casino pc software specialists like Evolution Gaming.


Sic Bo Bets and Payouts for Australian Players

Among the reasons for Sic Bo which make it this engrossing and fun game to play is the wide selection of betting solutions. Australian land-based casinos are said to have the best payouts for Sic Bo in the world. When you play at an on the web casino the payouts will vary with respect to the pc software, the internet casino you are playing at and in addition your geographic location.

The following is all of the the various Sic Bo bets open to Australian players and the payouts associated with each of them.

dice2 icon

Small bet

This bet offers you a win if the sum of the values of the 3 dice rolled is between 4 and 10. The exception is the dice roll being truly a triple – all three dice showing the same value. This bet pays out at 1: –

dice2 icon

Big bet

This bet gives you a win if the sum of the values of the 3 dice rolled is between 11 and 17. The exception is the dice roll being fully a triple. This bet pays out 1: 1 .

dice2 icon

Total values

This bet provides you with a win if you should be in a position to select the full total value of the 3 dice. The best payout is for choosing the numbers 4 and 17, at 62: 1 whilst the lowest payout is for picking the numbers 10 and 11, at 6: –

dice2 icon

Any triple

This bet provides you with a win if the 3 dice show the same number whatever it’s. This bet pays out 32: –

dice2 icon

Specific triples

This bet provides you with a win if you’re able to select a particular triple value and the dice roll also results in the same value. The payout with this bet is 180: 1 and is among the highest payouts.

dice2 icon

Specific doubles

This bet offers you a win if you should be in a position to pick out the specific value shown by 2 of the 3 dice. For example if you bet on a double 2, you would win if the dice roll turned up 2-3-2. This bet pays out 11: 1 )

dice2 icon

Two-dice combination

This bet offers you a win if 2 of the numbers you picked arrive on 2 of the dice at the end of a roll. For example without a doubt on the amount 3 and 4 and so they both appear at the conclusion of a dice roll. This bet pays six: –

dice2 icon

Single number bet

This bet offers you a win if the single number you picked turns up at the end of a dice roll. The payout varies depending on exactly how many dice show the quantity:

  • 1:1 for the number showing up singly.
  • 2:1 for the number showing up as a double.
  • 12:1 for the number showing up as a triple.

You will find two other bets that you can find at a number of the casinos. They’re bets that always high rollers go for:

dice2 icon

Three or four

You choose 4 numbers from 1 to six and win if any 3 of them show up on the dice by the end of a roll. The payout is usually 7: –

dice2 icon

Evens or odds

This bet offers you a win if you are able to predict properly if the total of the 3 dice values by the end of a roll will be odd or even. The bet pays out 1: –


Sic Bo Variants at Australia Online Casinos

There are different variants of Sic Bo that have come up through the years, some of which we briefly mentioned early in the day. When the original game stumbled on the attention of non-Chinese players in different countries, it had been only natural for modified versions to arise. We take a good look at a couple of popular variants in this section.


Grand Hazard

This game emerged in britain once Sic Bo reached that country. It had been formed by merging the initial game of Sic Bo with an already existing game called Hazard. You find this game at land-based casinos often: the dice are rolled down through a chute and about the layout. The wagers are often just like in the original Sic Bo game you will find at on line casinos and the payout varies from 1: 1 to 180: 1 .



This game came about first in the USA towards the middle of the 20th century. The game is also referred to as Birdcage as the dice are rolled out in what looks like a birdcage. It really is seemingly a simplified variant of Grand Hazard.

The commonly found bets in this game are single dice bets. Other bets available include standard ones like big, small, any triple and more. You still find this game at some of the land-based casinos.


Yee Hah Hi

This variant of Sic Bo, as the name indicates, is available commonly in Macau. The name literally means ‘Fish Shrimp Crab’. Additionally, you will think it is in a few of the land-based casinos in Australia and New Zealand. The dice have images instead of numbers, with each image standing for several from 1 to 6. Color coding helps place bets on the amount of symbols of a specific color showing up after having a dice roll. The guidelines of the overall game are otherwise similar to the standard Sic Bo game.


Advantages of Playing Sic Bo Online

Playing Sic Bo On line offers a couple of definite advantages compared to a game title of Sic Bo at a land-based casino.

  • The game is unquestionably faster than at a land-based casino because the game is being operated by software, not a person.
  • You can adjust game speed when playing at an online casino.
  • It is possible to play multiple hands each and every minute, something which you can’t do at a land-based casino.
  • You can play the game comfortably at your pace from your home; all you have to is a laptop or a computer. Of course, if you are a fan of mobile casino gambling you are able to play it literally anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet to play it from.
  • You can practice the overall game all night at a time in free practice play mode at your preferred Australian on line casino before you really spend cash playing it. This really is something you don’t get to do at a land-based casino.
  • You may get different variants of Sic Bo to test if you are playing at a multi-platform online casino, as different pc software providers add their own little flavor to the overall game.


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